The price for all aluminum prints is .70 cents per square inch. This includes a standard floating hanger, shipping, plus handling. 

  Because the aspect ratio for my photos will vary from one shot to the next, the price will also vary, depending on the width of the shot. Typically, one can expect a shot of say 30" in length, to range from $330 to $420. For the exact price of a print, you choose the image, and tell me how big you want it on the longest side. I will tell you how tall (or wide) that print will be, plus the exact total. 

  I will now be offering TruLife acrylic laminated prints as well. These are also quite beautiful, perfectly suited for home or business decor, and do not require a frame or any sort of glass covering. These are priced at .90 cents per square inch. As with all of my prints, the aspect ratio will vary from shot to shot, so for an exact price, please let me know what image you are considering.